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Interview Preparation

Nail your interview with our 1-to-1 personalized interview preparation.

Job Hunting

We provide advice and share tools that will ease your job hunt.

Salary Negotiation

Receive guidance to get the best outcome.

CV Review

We’ll review your CV and revert back within 48 hours.

About us

Having over eleven years of recruitment experience working with an agency and in-house, I want to share my knowledge with you. And hence, Hope this helps came to fruition.

I am dedicated to inspiring people and I hope this helps you in your career journey.

My goal is:

  • To help and empower individuals in their career journey, provide guidance on every step during their job hunt process
  • To make this knowledge accessible to everyone

– Nozza



Why did you name it “Hope this Helps”?

I genuinely hope what I share helps you in your job hunt journey 🙂

What if you don’t offer what I need?

Drop me a note at and we can arrange for a free 10 minute chat to understand how I can help.

How can I pay for your services?

Paypal, Visa, Mastercard

What services do you provide? And what are the costs?

Job Hunt Coaching, Interview Preparation, Salary Negotiation Coaching and CV Review. For more details, please click here: xxx

Do you provide 1-to-1 coaching?

Yes, contact me and we can discuss how to best help you

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If you’re unsure if the booking was successful and you didn’t receive a confirmation of your booking, please contact me at


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