Are you needing advice on where to start your job search? Not sure if now is the time to look but you have a gut feeling that a change is needed. We offer an initial 10-minute telephone session to discuss what you might need and to align you to the right service.

Job hunting can be simplistic with planning and dedicated research. We can assist you in targeting ideal jobs rather if they are advertised or not. You will receive advise on how to strategize how to build relationships and valuable connections that will benefit your job hunt in the future.


What you Get

Build your LinkedIn Presence

Let’s build your LinkedIn presence and put your skills forward for hiring managers and recruiters to find you. 

a cv Rewrite

Revisit and rewrite your CV to capture attention and highlight your experience and expertise!

An Action plan

Creating an action plan around your list of targeted jobs, companies you’d like to work for and people you’d like to work with.


10 minute call

Initial call to discuss your needs.

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1-to-1 call

(60 minutes)


 We can further discuss/strategize on your job hunt.


Get the job hunt package with a 60 minute call


  1. Build a LinkedIn Presence
  2. Rewrite your CV
  3. Create a targeted list of companies and roles